last night i had a little

sinus pressure, maybe because I didn't take a Zyrtec that morning.  I don't know.  Either way, I took 2 nasal decongestants before bed.  That stuff makes me drowsy.  Occasionally, when I get sinus headaches, I'll take a certain sinus/allergy headache pill.  That stuff works but instead of taking the 2 as directed, I take 1.  And sometimes I can stay awake.  Anyway, not thinking straight, I took the 2 pills before bed.  And guess what.  I passed out.  For 2 hours.  Then, as with other meds of that type, I woke up restless and itchy and miserable.  I hate that.  So at 10:30 last night I was wide awake.
When Frankie Goes to Hollywood sang "Relax, Don't Do It", I'm not sure what they were talking about but I wouldn't be surprised if it was in reference to taking one of these before bed.  "Relax, don't do it, you'll fall asleep soon and won't even notice the sinus stuff."
Why didn't I stop and think before taking it?  That makes for a horrible nights sleep.  I mean yeah, I made a rule a few years ago not to take Zyrtec after 12:00 or so but I really messed myself up.  So when at the same time Strat started banging on the door, I decided to just give up and get up.  I came and got on the computer, halfway thinking about writing a blog post about how miserable I was at the moment, but logged in at  I love getting on, seeing if anyone has added new pictures I haven't seen.  You know, so I could search old pictures of people who I could easily imagine haunting a house… late at night… when I already can't sleep.  No biggie though.  I found a few pictures but nothing too scary.  (Not near as bad as the photo of the ancestor I won't even open the screen for because her picture is THAT scary.)  Seriously, that mess needs to be in a book or movie or something.

Anyway, that was my late night struggle and speaking of which, I just took 2 nasal decongestants.  I figure so what if I get drowsy for a while, I should be wide awake in a couple of hours.

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