today's the

day.  It's the big reveal.  Oh, first let me mention that we decided against concrete for the walkway and went with pavers.  The backyard patio extension HAS to be concrete though.  (I did mention we have two dogs, right?)

Anyway, after 7 trips to Home Depot and 2 trips to Lowes, the walkway is done.  We called Antonio to do it and I am SO happy with it.

Are you ready for the big reveal?

Are you sure?

I'm sure you're not near as excited as I am but let me tell you this.  Sure, I didn't have to actually lay out all the pavers but my role in this was pretty involved and tiring.  For example, after actually picking out the pavers, I had to figure out how I wanted them and also how many to get.  (FYI, math is not my friend.)  Anyway, Home Depot had this awesome catalog that gave me a formula for the pattern I wanted. 

(Have I ever mentioned that the only thing I ever thought I really wanted to do was to be an architect?  I used to sit around and draw houses and floor plans.  So, I guess the drawing it all out was a little fun.)

So after deciding my walkway needed 360 pavers, I made trips to haul 50 at a time (with one trip of 60), in addition to the 2 trips to Lowes for other material and now I have a walkway.

This is it.

Now my plan is to get from the backyard to the driveway without anymore injuries.

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