well the roofers

were here at 7:00 this morning and it sounds like the house is being torn apart.  Technically, I guess it is.  I'm hoping that our roof, being as old as it is, will come off extra easily, speeding up their process.  I love home improvement projects and I hate home improvement projects.  I love the planning and the finished product.  I hate everything in between.  HGTV really sugarcoats it all by only showing us bits and pieces of the "during" process.  (Yes, I know a whole backyard can't go from desolate to "zen oasis retreat" in 30 minutes but still…)  This is different, in a way, since contractors are out there doing all the work and cleanup but there's still the one thing of the work part I don't like.  The mess.  Everything being out of order and chaotic just makes me a little on edge.  Oh, along with everything being out of order, the dogs are stuck inside to avoid barking and debris.

In other news, Apple sent an email yesterday and my computer is ready!  I'm so excited.  Not only is this computer totally awkward, but once I sit for a few minutes, my back is killing me.  Guess I'll head to Houston shortly and pick up my beloved laptop.  I hope I didn't just jinx anything there.

Maybe if I go watch TV it'll drown out the roof demo and keep my mind off the mess being created out there.  I'm scared to look out the window.  Yes.  This might be a 2 Coke day.

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