well here it

is.  The new roof.

The new CHARCOAL roof.  Remember, I posted the old one here a few days ago.  I'm happy with it.  The only problem is now I don't like the light fixtures and think they need to be bigger and bolder.  Here are a few I found when I first started looking.

But since then I've found several more that I think I like better.  The top left is a lot like what I already have, just a little frillier.  The bottom two, well, I just don't know how well the style matches but I'd probably pick the one on the left over the one on the right.  And the top right?  I like it but I just don't know.  It seems like it's close to that fine line of being a little too rustic.  Whichever one I choose, if any, I just want it bigger and bolder.  I really want it to stand out.

Totally off topic, can I share something?  (I mean of course I can, it is Melanie's family blog...)  It smells wonderful in this house.  I started off making bacon and to make it even better, I just pulled banana bread out of the oven.  Yeah, it smells pretty awesome.

Okay, I've got to run before it gets too hot.  I'm going to water plants in Brazoria.  On second thought, the earlier and cooler it is, I'll probably have more mosquitoes.  Maybe I'll wait.  But, if I do it early, I can get a $1 large drink from Sonic.  (Which I could always do if I waited until this afternoon but I like early happy hour better than afternoon happy hour.)  Maybe I'll do it now and leave a loaf of banana bread for the neighbors.  But first, I'd better try it and make sure it tastes okay. 

Time to TCB.

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