we were without

U-verse this morning.  Actually, it went off around 9:00 last night but I was already asleep.  That means we had no internet, telephone or television.  Two guesses as to what happened, one guess for each answer.  Did you guess Maggie and Archer?  Very good.  You're catching on.  So while I was waiting for the AT&T guy to show up between 8:30 and 12:30, I walked the fence to find where the wired fence was out of commission.  I found BOTH places, fixed that and let the dogs back out with their collars.  There were a couple of yelps.  Did I mention that we had to order a new collar?  Yeah, apparently they figured out how to take them off and chew them up.  (sigh...)  So that sums up my day.  Ha.  Yesterday I was so far ahead of everything as far as my to-do list went, I thought today would be a do-whatever day.  Yeah, it was a do-whatever day, as long as the "whatever" didn't involve tv, internet or leaving the house.

I did fix the fence today and the garbage disposal yesterday. Today I came to the conclusion my car needs to have the spark plugs changed.  (You know, now that I'm officially an accomplished DIY-er, I can diagnose things like that.)  If I don't watch it, people might start thinking I'm competent or something.

Anyway, I took this the other night on the driveway.

If I'm not passed out by 9:00 tonight, maybe I'll head out with my tripod... further than the driveway.

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