a week ago

today I messed up my foot.  It's better but sometimes, depending on the shoe or lack of, I still have a slight limp.  A week ago tomorrow I took my computer into the shop.  I still don't have it back.  This is what I've been using as my computer and it SUCKS.

Can you imagine how annoying it is not only trying to work my way around all of these contraptions but using a mouse that I'm not crazy about… on top of one of the contraptions.  I'd really like to have my laptop back.  Having a keyboard at the level of my collar bone is less than ideal.

Yesterday I was in Brazoria and Mom and I picked figs.  This morning I made fig preserves using THIS recipe.  I really don't know what they're supposed to taste like so I'm waiting on Eric to try some.  It really only needs his approval.

I think I had 5 cups of figs and that made a little over three jars.  The jars are sealed and the extra is in the refrigerator… awaiting approval.

I'll try to post more tomorrow.  I can only take so much of this computer's setup.  Hopefully I'll receive a call to picked up my repaired laptop soon.

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