the fence was torn

down and the rebuild was started on Saturday.  They ran out of pickets and had been working all day so they stopped for the day.  The dogs had been in the cage most of the day, except for when I took them out for bathroom breaks on their leashes.  (One of those times ending with me on my back on the back patio, no leashes on the dogs but me with a death grip on their collars and them licking and slobbering on my face.)  Anyway, I guess hope they're coming back to finish the fence today.  They had to come back to put some of the old fence sections up in the gaps to keep the dogs in.  Let me tell you about Maggie.  She doesn't care and is determined.  We cranked the intensity up on the wire fence to keep them further away from the gaps.  Maggie ran right through.  Several times.  Archer was hanging back and whining but Maggie busted through like nothing.  Anyway, the old fence is up to keep her in and I'm anxious to see the finished product.

Here's where we are now.

We made a couple of changes.
1.  The single gate was originally going to be 2' from the house.  I decided to go with 3' so there would be more options for that strip.  Instead of doing just rock, I was thinking more of something green with mulch and rock to match the rest of the flower beds.

2.  The old double gate was 11' wide.  We're going with a little over 9' for the new one.

Sounds like the other neighbor's roofers are here.  The dogs are trying to let everyone know.  As soon as my fencers get here, I'll lock them up and that should help with a little peace and quiet.  For now, I guess I'll head back to the garage to get a little more painting done on my bedroom furniture.  TCB.

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