it's not that i don't

appreciate the fact that there are people who get paid to do services for everyone, whether is due to lack of time or lack of knowledge, but I've really had enough lately.  Like I said, I'm glad someone is available to do the work I don't want to do or don't know how to do but I've got one word.  No I don't, I have too many words but let's just simplify it and start with "respect".  Respect of other people's belongings.  Respect of other people's property.  Respect of other people's space.  I won't expand on it here but this is Eric's car. 

Like I said, I won't get into it here and I won't even text about it... but if you want to call me, I will totally go to town.  I'm trying not to get worked up because let's face it, it's a dent and isn't 1,000 times worse.  But again, "respect", people.  RESPECT.

On the bright side, everyone is well and I'm sitting here drinking a Coke.  I've got a luau to plan and invitations to finish, shopping to do and meals to eat.  Things are pretty good.  Just don't get me riled up and things will stay that way.

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