i finally got my dresser and

headboard back into my room.  I haven't finished the mirror so it's still in the garage but I'm fine with that.

You know, things can be a lot different online than in person.  I went to Home Depot with an idea of a few of the knobs I liked.  Some felt cheap, some looked ugly and others just weren't right.  Then I saw one that I liked but just didn't know if it would match.  I had a couple of each that I was going to bring home and try out.  I don't know what came over me next.  I put all of those back and got (what I thought was) enough for the dresser and chest.  I came home and put them on.  Here it is with the knobs I decided on, which weren't in the original lineup.

And a closeup.

There was just something about those knobs I liked.  And then I realized something.

Every door knob in the house is the same shape.  It's a good thing I like it.

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