so the night before last

I was lying in bed and looking on Pinterest.  There are so many different ways people have pinned to clean out and declutter.  I need to try one of them bad.  I'm running out of room and I'm just ready to throw stuff out.  I was looking over the different ways people are managing, some do a bag of stuff a day or week and others spend a month organizing a certain room.  I haven't really decided which route I'm going to take but I know it needs to be done.  To make it all even better, I've already thrown out or found new homes for a few things from my laundry room.  This is just the beginning.  It is a little overwhelming though.  Some things I know I should get rid of because I never use but then there's the "what if I need it next week" thing.  Also, it's hard to start in one room because when something needs to be taken to another room, I get sidetracked in that other room.  It's a battle, it really is.  I'll probably start next week after Mom goes back.

Today isn't off to an ideal start so I'm about to try to turn it around and TCB.  Yesterday, when Cosme got home from work, we went to the tennis court and hit balls.  After I hit our last ball out of the fence, we decided we'd leave.  According to Cosme, I have a really good swing but my timing is way off.  Oh well, I was hot, tired and HUNGRY.  We stopped by Red Top because there was a long line at Whataburger.  I probably shouldn't have ordered the pickle fries and fried burrito with chili and cheese (one of the best items they had in the school lunch line) because it kept me up not feeling so hot.  [And by the way, I wasn't even very hungry until after the tennis workout... (insert eye roll)...]  Anyway, Cosme left for work this morning and I went to lie down since I had a rough night.  I hate falling back asleep but I did.  I dozed off and now I'm off to a late start.  I have clothes washing a couple of hours later than planned, there weren't any cold Diet Dr Peppers so I'm drinking a cold carbonated water (trying to save my Coke for later in the day) and there isn't any softened butter for my peanut butter toast.  So now I need to add a trip to Kroger to my to-do list.  And to top it all off, my stomach is still feeling funky.  Oh well, live and learn.

For now I'm sharing a picture of the house, just in case they show up and start tearing the old roof off today.  I'll get a better shot from a different angle once I go outside this morning but for now, here's a general idea.

Oh, and that estimate for the walkway I asked for?  It was $500 more than one I got last year... (another eye roll, please)...

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