yesterday I mentioned

how I'd talk about all I got done yesterday and the things I'd gone to bed thinking about the night before.  Tomorrow.  But yes, I got most of the stuff put away.  I'm just working on deflating a tiki totem pole.

There are more important things at hand.  Yesterday I called to get an estimate on extending the back porch and getting my walkway.  Here's my idea.
Coming off the back porch a little over 6' and filling in the whole area up to the house and gate with concrete.  Then, from the gate to front yard, only having a walkway.

I sent this text to Cosme after that.
Extending the other side of the porch to the end of the house.  It was just an idea but I'm not totally sold on it.

Then, a little wishful thinking.
Adding a rounded patio area so I can set up a basketball net.  Not really.  Just doing that to add more room for chairs and maybe the fire pit, relocating the stone patio for other purposes or maybe just relocating the whole fire pit area.

And last was the full blown in-my-dreams, phase 4.
Fill in the whole area with concrete and a pool.  I guess Phase 5 of this project would be the french doors added in place of my bedroom for easier access without having to walk through the living room.
I could keep going with all this planning.  For now my goal is finding the right (best and cheapest) person to do Phase 1. 

I was sitting at the dining table in my pajamas, eating my peanut butter toast and another big truck pulled up down the street to deliver shingles.  Did I mention that just about EVERY roof in this neighborhood is being replaced?  Anyway, I was wondering which house was getting the new roof now because the house the truck pulled up to already had their shingles delivered and stacked in their driveway.  Then the doorbell rang.  Crap.  There I am in my pajamas, hair looking crazy and probably with peanut butter toast in my teeth.  I had to answer.  What if those were OUR shingles being delivered?  I answered the door, luckily he had already stepped back a few steps and I told him I'd be out to move the Mustang.  So, looks like our shingles have arrived and the next step is a new roof.

Oh, I guess I should take a before picture, like I failed to do with my furniture.  Did I mention we're going with a different color?  This should be exciting.

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