i shared the dresser

yesterday but here's the bed.  It's so much better than before.

Today doesn't really start the countdown to the luau because technically, countdown started once the date was set.  Today is when the for-real prep starts.  I'll probably make a cheese ball today, go over one of my MANY lists to make sure I'm not forgetting anything (which I probably am) and I'll go over the decorations to work it all out in my head.  For now I'm working on a pineapple sculpture.  It's something I saw on Pinterest and I decided to try it today for a test run.  I'll keep it in the refrigerator and if it keeps until Saturday, that's great.  If it doesn't, at least I have an idea of how it works.  If it flops all the way around, no big deal.  I've got flowers ordered to put on the table too.

Here's what I just put in the refrigerator.

Here it is with a photoshopped beak.

Here's the original I'm going by.
I think I need a little more practice.  I also think I should use something bigger for the eyes, maybe clove instead of peppercorn?  And definitely make a smaller beak.  Maybe use a smaller knife to make the head a little more rounded?  I don't know.  Like I said, I need more practice.  And if it flops?  No biggie.

For now, I'm off to my lists where there's plenty of TCB to be done... starting with a trip to the vet for Maggie.  Maybe I can fit in a few more things before then.

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