so here's the

deal.  I did Monday's post and then that afternoon, went to pick up a can of paint from Leasa and I've been a little sidetracked ever since.  Paige has moved back home and is looking for a job but until then, I am finding a way for her to earn a little cash here and there.  Yesterday she came over and CLEANED OUT Eric's room.  We're talking total purge.  There is so much trash out on the side of the road today.  It's hard to believe all of that came out of one small room.  Now is where the paint enters the story.  She said she would help me paint my bedroom furniture... something I've been thinking about doing for a LONG time.  Anyway, Leasa uses this chalk paint that doesn't need any prep work or anything like that.  I wanted to see how it worked so I picked up a can from her and tried a little spot on an old nightstand.  It flopped.  I knew the nightstand wasn't the best quality so I said to myself "screw it" and disassembled my dresser mirror and hauled it out to the garage to test.  Here it is after a light first coat on a little section of it.
Yeah, yeah.  "The 90's called and they want their furniture back."  Once upon a time, Broyhill Fontana was a good look.

I figured if it looked bad, I would just get a different mirror to hang in its place.  Then I finished with the paint.

And liked the look.  (So much for that other mirror...)  Oh, ignore all those trash bags in the background.  They're filled with clothes to drop off.  (Everyone better watch out.  I'm in the throwing out mood.)

Anyway, there are a couple of other steps to finishing so I need to do that this morning.  I'm so excited to finally change up my furniture.

Next up: the dining table and chairs.  Now I just need to get busy before she finds a job.

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