i've been a little busy

today.  Actually, I've been a lot busy today.  First, here's the headboard I painted the other day.
I think it's ready to go back to the bedroom.

Paige came over today and helped me with the dresser.  Here it is.
Now I just need to let it dry and find knobs for the drawers.  I have a few in mind.  (Side note: that dresser was a PITA since those drawers wouldn't come out.  Nobody tell me there's a secret to it now because it's too late and I'm not going back.)  I think we'll start the last piece on Monday and in the meantime, I'll think more about whether or not I should do my dining table and chairs and decide on knobs.

I kind of like these too but don't think they'd match the the style of the furniture.

Decisions, decisions.

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