this is a first

and I don't like it one bit. I'm doing this from my phone and I absolutely hate it. I like typing on a keypad, not a phone. I like viewing this full, not on a phone. Anyway, I was on my computer last night when all of a sudden my screen went white. Well, a grayish whitish hue. I took it into the Ape store today and found out two things for sure:
1. My video card (or whatever) went out
2. It's normally $545 but for some reason I get it for free

So they ordered the part and I'll take it back in to get it replaced when they call. Since they couldn't finish running their tests without video, they'll finish that once they can see. So until then, I'm hoping for nothing but good news. 

On that note, I leave you with a picture of Lucille. Her expression while resting on Eric's guitar is a fine representation of me typing on my phone.

UPDATE: Forget it. I can't get the image to copy. I'll do it later... or on Facebook. 

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