i've been running around

all morning.  We've got a luau on Saturday, all the planning that goes with a party and a storm brewing in the gulf.  So, I'm trying to get as much running around as I can today while the sun is still out.  I don't get it.  It was raining earlier and now it's sunny.  Whatever, they said the rain should start this evening but I'm just hoping it turns towards Corpus Christi because I've got a LOT to do before Saturday.

Part of my running around today was trying to find something to wear to the luau.  If there's anyone whose wardrobe is anything but luau friendly, it's me.  I've got you covered for fall but a luau?  Not so much.  I found a few things at JCPenney and this is the brightest group of clothes I've worn since... probably since the 80's when everything had to be florescent.

And just because it's a luau for Mom's birthday, I even picked one shirt that's pink.

Now I'm off to run more errands while the sun is out.  Man, I sure hope that storm turns away from us.  I need some good, dry weather for party prep.

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