we're being played

by a "sweet" little cat.  Earlier in the week I noticed that Lucille had been leaving little "gifts" behind.  Not to be too graphic or anything, but in these little gifts included whole pieces of food.  These gifts are usually followed by hair but lately the gifts had been happening more frequently.  (Here's a little info, Lucille loves it in the garage.  It's her favorite place.)  So, when we hear a gift on its way up, we grab her and take her to the garage.  (Face it, the garage floor is so much better than the carpet in the guestroom for a gift of that nature.)  Anyway, I've had her out there and have changed her food to wet food.  (Going by the whole pieces I've seen, she's obviously not doing a very decent job of chewing the dry stuff.) Everything seems to be going well.  There haven't been any surprises left behind in the garage.  I've let made her come in a few times and put a laundry basket over the dry food so she couldn't get to it.  The other day I had her in and I heard her getting ready for a "gift".   All she did was spit on the carpet but I grabbed her and put her outside.  Another day I let her in while we were gone for no more than 20 minutes.  I saw a little spot of spit on the wood.  Eric let me know this morning that she knows if she keeps doing that mess that we'll let her stay in the garage.  I figured he has a point but didn't think anything of it until an hour or so later.  I had come back from the gas station and pulled my car into the garage.  She heard me, I know it.  I opened the door and BECAUSE SHE IS PLAYING ME AND PLANNED THIS, she hunched over right there in the laundry room and started making her sounds.  It was at that moment that I realized I am being played by an innocent looking cat.  I've got news for her.  Homey don't play that.  I sent Cosme a text and let him know what she was doing and also declared that it is on.  If she wants to play that game with me, I WILL go there.  At first I thought I have stooped to the cats level but now I'm wondering if maybe she has risen to mine... bad move on her part.  Mess with the bull and you get the horns.

Then I glanced over and saw a box of litter that looks a lot like our two sweet cats.

Don't judge a book by its cover.  They're not smiling because they love you.  They're smiling because they have you right where they want you. 

ps- If she keeps this mess up, I have a feeling she won't like the garage nearly as much if Maggie is out there wanting to play. 

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