Pampered Chef

to the rescue!  I was sitting here making a grocery list and going over Pinterest when THIS recipe for gummy snacks sounded good.  All I needed was Jello, gelatin, water and candy molds.  (Just a note, I'm good with the flavor of Jello but loathe the texture.  I do not want that stuff in my mouth.)  So, I had all the ingredients but no molds.  I read through the comments and saw that some people didn't use molds but ice trays or even pans with cooking spray.  Enter the Pampered Chef 5 1/4 Rectangle Leak Proof Glass Container.  I lined it with plastic wrap, mixed up the ingredients as directed and poured it in for cooling.

A little later I pulled the gummy stuff out by the ends of plastic wrap and used my basting brush for dusting corn starch over, but only a little.  I transferred it to a piece of wax paper and dusted the other side.  Then I used my pizza cutter to slice it into pieces.

Voila.  Gummy snacks. 

If you have kids or enjoy kid food (like me), try this today.  It's easy and good.

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