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I'm not the biggest fan of going to the movies.  I'd rather sit at home and watch something in the comfort of my own house instead of a room filled with strangers while sitting in a not-so-great chair that some stranger occupied 20 minutes earlier.  Also, the prices of movies is a little bit out of control.

Friday night we saw Man of Steel.  I liked it.  If I do make it to the theater, chances are it won't be for a superhero movie but I like Superman.  If I have to watch a superhero movie, I'd rather it be Superman.  Yes, I eventually saw X-Men and really liked it but Superman just seems like the O.G. for me.  Eric and I had a discussion the other day comparing Batman and Superman.  I told him that Superman just seems more believable to me.  You can imagine the look I got after that but think about it.  If someone is going to have super powers, doesn't it make more sense for it to be someone from another planet versus a wealthy man basically geared up like Inspector Gadget?  Anyway, we saw it in Pearland in some super viewing experience.  I'm not sure exactly what it is, Real D XD 3D or some formula like that.  I liked it and there were only a few hangups.  I won't list them.

Actually, I will share one.  This is the music for Superman.  Superman needs this music.

Yesterday we went to Sundance Cinema in Houston and saw This is the End.  It was funny.  It was one of those movies you see and on the way home people are still laughing at parts and reciting the lines. 

As much as I enjoyed the movies we saw this weekend, I've had my fill of theaters for a while.  Netflix, anyone?

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