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I had on my memory card from Surfside.

Now, let me talk about a little situation I had yesterday.  I was home alone and looking a few things up on the computer, none of which had anything to do with opening iTunes.  I walked away from the computer and went to take a shower.  I got out of the shower and walked into my bedroom and heard music blaring in the other room.  (I should add that it's reasons like this that I always take my phone into the bathroom when I'm alone.)  Anyway, I quietly locked my bedroom door, grabbed the gun,  went back into the bathroom, locked that door and got in my closet.  I called Cosme (who was on his way home from work) and Eric (who was with a friend) and nobody answered.  Texting wasn't getting their attention either.  I tried Facebook.  Eric called.  I told him what was going on and he got in his car and headed home.  He tried calling a couple of friends who might could get here sooner and one answered and was on his way over.  Three things I realized at this point: I remembered that Maggie, the dog who never barks, let out one bark not long before I got in the shower, I was pretty sure the back door was unlocked and finally, I should have set the alarm.  (Which was also something I was in the habit of doing when Eric wasn't around so much)  Anyway, it sounded like the music had stopped but then it started up again.  Eric was on the phone with me and didn't want to hang up.  He asked why I just didn't call the police but I didn't want to bother them in case it was nothing.   

(This all reminds me of a time I was babysitting my sister when I was a teenager.  It was one night when my parents were out and it was probably around 9:00 when the doorbell rang.  Nobody could knock on our door because of the burglar bars that gated in the whole front porch.  I looked out the peephole and there was a man standing there.  I saw a Schwan's truck parked out in the street but not directly in front of our house.  That was odd but then the light hit something in his hand, a knife.  Lauren was right there with me and I looked at her and put my finger over my mouth, telling her to not say ANYTHING.  We ran and hid in the bedroom by the phone and listened for any noises.  I left her there and checked a little later and the man and the truck were gone.  I don't know what all that was about but I was really glad we were surrounded by bars.)  I might have told this story before and if so, there it is again.

So back to yesterday, I'm more of the "hide, be quiet and wait it out" type of person.  Eric's friend got here and a few minutes later Eric showed up.  Nobody was in the house.  That's why I didn't want to call the police, because if it had been nothing.  When I told everyone it might be the same thing that has opened doors in here, nobody was buying it.  Whatever.  They don't have to take me seriously... I'm sure the police wouldn't have either.

All this has me thinking of other situations I've been in: the day I hid in someone's storage closet so a man wanting to give me a ride would leave me alone, the morning a stranger left a love note on my car and started following me around town...

The lessons learned today are 1) there are weirdos everywhere and 2) there should have been cell phones in the 80's.

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