i figured

I'd give Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge another try.  This time it was an earlier start.  It was a lot of the same thing.

Birds on a warm shingled roof.

Another bird perched on cattail.

A duck on the limited supply of water.

And then this head popped up.  I stopped and he just sat there looking at me.

Then I passed a ditch and saw this little guy.

As I headed out, another alligator was coming out of a different ditch onto the road.  It's like we stopped and saw each other at the same time.  He immediately turned around and headed back into his ditch.  I missed him.  I even sat there with my window open, braving the mosquitoes, and waited for him to come back.  Nothing.

I think one day soon I might try to get out there even earlier.  The sign said they're open sunrise to sunset.  I should be able to find something but it'd probably be a lot easier if the ponds had water in them.  Another note for next time: take a little Off contraption with the fan.  One for me and one to put in front of the air vent.

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