i had a hard time

waking up this morning.  I had already hit snooze a few times and then turned the alarm off at 4:00.  A few minutes later Cosme stated that he needed to get up.  I agreed and told him I'd "already turned the heat off.  I mean air" and then I looked at the alarm clock and couldn't figure out what it was called.  I hate being that sleepy.  I hate having to wake up from such a deep sleep.  It's almost as bad as when the phone would ring and wake me up.  I know I've said some crazy stuff.

Being this sleepy, I probably won't do anything this morning that involves leaving the house.  I tried yesterday.  I left with my camera and it was REALLY foggy.  Here's one picture I got.

I gave up and came home.  Since I hadn't eaten breakfast, I decided to try a recipe from Pinterest.  Kentucky Biscuits.  It's like a giant biscuit that is cut into sections before baking so it basically pulls apart into slices.  I liked it.  Nobody else was crazy about it but then I had it straight out of the oven while they all had it hours later.

Here's how it goes into the oven.

So when it comes out it's like this.

Then when you have a serving with syrup it's like this.

I'd definitely eat it again.  Eric thought they were too sweet for biscuits (2 TBS sugar) and Cosme tried one after they'd been sitting out for 10 hours (no wonder he wasn't crazy about them).  So to sum up yesterday morning, I tried.  I'm thinking I'll try not to be so ambitious today.  I don't know but dvr and toast are sounding pretty good right now... but then I still have about an hour and a half before sunrise.  ;)

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