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old books themselves, I like coming across notes and scribbles in them.  I honestly don't think I've ever taken notes in a book.  Sure, I have some college books which have all that but it's probably because they were used or I was just trying to look interested.  I've done it in magazines but erasing eyes and drawing braces and fangs on models doesn't really count.  Every year or so our county holds a used book sale.  What used to be in a room at the museum is now at the fairgrounds.  It's a really big used book sale.  I picked up a book last year, The New Dictionary of Thoughts - A Cycolpedia of Quotations.  I looked through it a couple of days ago, seeing if anything would fit with one of the pictures I was planning to post.  Nothing.  I knew I had a book of quotes from my great-grandfather.  (At least I'm pretty sure it was my great-grandfather.  If not him, then my grandfather.)  Anyway, I started looking through it.  Nothing, again.  Actually, I noticed it had a lot of the same topics.  And the topics I was reading seemed to have a lot of the same quotes.  Totally not noticing that they are both larger maroon books, I looked at the names of each.

It's the same book.  The book sale's book was copyright 1932 while my grandfather's was copyright 1957.

Flipping through the older book, I came across a note card.  Somebody was taking notes on sin.

While my grandfather's book mainly had checks next to quotes, including sin, he did scribble next to this one for charity.

It reads:
Give work rather than alms to the poor.  The former drives out indolence, the latter industry.

I'll stop there.  It's 5:30 am, too early for a soapbox.

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