i like cake and

I like Twinkies so when I found a recipe on Pinterest for a Twinkie Cake, I knew I had to make it.  So I made it.  I always make my frosting from scratch and I almost never measure anything for it.  I questioned the amount of powdered sugar this recipe called for in the frosting but measured it and put it all in.  Looking back, I probably should have sampled it somewhere along the way.  It seemed more like the filling for my creme horns versus my regular frosting.  And for the record, the creme horn filling is, in my opinion, sweeter than the frosting.  To me, Twinkies aren't sweet.  I mean, yes, they're technically sweet but on a sweetness scale compared to other things, Twinkies aren't at the higher end.  This frosting is sweet, sweeter than what I would consider a Twinkie being.  I might eventually try this recipe again but when I do, I'll make adjustments to the frosting... maybe less sugar? more marshmallow fluff?  I don't know.

In conclusion, I'm not saying the cake is bad, I just wouldn't compare it to a Twinkie.

I didn't frost the cake on the sides just like the picture from the recipe did.  Also, please forgive me for not trying to glamorize my cake for the picture.  I roll a different way.  

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