as if i

needed to be hooked on another show, now I have Game of Thrones.  I started the first season yesterday and just finished.  If I had any plans on leaving the house today, I'd go pick up season two.  As it is, Mad Men only has two episodes left for the season while True Blood starts back up on Sunday.  I really should catch up on it's last season.  Wait, I just remembered On Demand.  I think Game of Thrones might be on there.  I'll have to check.  I can do that and try streaming True Blood on Netflix.  I think it'll all work out just fine.

Yesterday I went out to Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge.  There were a few things to see but not too much.  I went to the wrong building at first and talked to one of the guys out there.  He let me know that only one pond had water in it.  They were headed out there to pump water into the others.  Here are a few pictures, nothing great. 

Here's one of the ponds.  See?  No water.  I also didn't even notice that vehicle off to the right until I got home and saw the picture.  Weird.

A bird in a ditch.

I took a picture of this because it looks like there's an eyeball in the mound of mud staring at me.

Birds in the pond with water.

A bird on cattail

This is a rabbit I saw on my way out.  It's fuzzy because it was taken through my windshield. By the time I put the car in park and opened my door, he hopped off.

Like I said, nothing great.  Maybe I'll head back over one day when I hear there's water back in the ponds.  Although, as scared as I am of water, it was kind of nice being all dried up since I was alone.

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