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little things can get me really worked up, it can take little things to put me in a happy place.  I like running my dryer when it's chilly out so I can see the smoke/whatever coming out of the vent.  No, there's nothing great about that but it's what it means.  I spent a lot of years working for the county.  Each of those days I wished I didn't have to be there.  In the mornings when I'd drop Eric off at school, I'd see the other mothers who weren't wearing dresses and pantyhose (we were required to wear pantyhose at one point, and some Fridays we couldn't dress casual if there was a chance we'd end up in court that day).  Anyway, back to the other mothers, the mothers who would drop their kids off and even volunteer at the school.  I'd see them and wish I could wear jeans and not have to work.  I made a promise when I was watching them doing their non-working thing that if I could ever not have to work, I would volunteer in some way.  Here we are now and I'm outside staring at my dryer vent.  The dryer vent means that I'm home and not sitting at a desk on the county's time.  See?  It's the little things that make me happy.

Speaking of work, I used to work at JC Penney.  On long days I'd come home for lunch and take a nap.  On days I went in later, I'd try to get a nap in the afternoon.  One thing that always helped me sleep was soap operas.  They were so boring they became my midday napping material.  I always ended up on one, Days of Our Lives.  I don't know why but for some reason it always ended up on NBC.  It's really similar to now.  My morning station is NBC (unless I need some kind of motivation and then it's HGTV or Food Network).  While Eric was in school it helped me keep up with time.  Now I think it's just out of habit or comfort.  The other day I walked in the room and Days of Our Lives was on.  I didn't know what was going on but I knew I needed to pause it for a picture of the ridiculous characters.  What the heck?

And this is daytime drama?

Another perk of staying home, besides watching quality television, is being able to bake at anytime.  Yesterday morning I made banana bread.  We've almost finished one loaf and I'm keeping another for us.  I called a friend to stop by this morning so I could give her some and I'll probably run the last loaf to West Columbia today.  Again, it's the little things that can make me happy.
 Tomorrow's topic: how easily little things get me worked up and make me flip out.

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