not only did i deserve

a trip to Moeller's Bakery after my trip to the dentist, but I figured I needed a pie too.  Not really.  Like I said, I'm trying to work my way through my grandmothers' recipes.  I found a chocolate pie recipe and wanted needed to make it.  (Face it, the recipe blog really needs pictures.)
As for the pie filling, I thought it was really good and I whipped up some cream for the top.  Let's talk about that crust though.  blgh.  The next time I need a pie crust I will probably not turn to the frozen section at the grocery store.  I've NEVER had a problem with store bought pie crusts but this one had a weird taste to it.  When I'm having to actually cook the pie filling and not pour it from a can, I should take the time to make a good crust.  Next time I'll try one of the crust recipes on the following pages.  I think I'm done with store bought crusts.  This one just wasn't good.  Maybe there's a better brand, I don't know.  yuck.  There has to be a better brand.  Want to see how the pie turned out?  Click on the link to the recipe blog.  Since I couldn't stand it and had to cut a slice before it was completely set, it's not the prettiest slice of pie.  Actually, it's technically not even a slice.  It's a blob of pie but it was a tasty blob.

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