i'm taking a break

for lunch.  Speaking of food, I sent a message to a cousin on Facebook.  I found out she has the cookbooks of my dad's grandmother and she's sending me more recipes for the recipe blog.  This will be cool.  Speaking of grandmothers, I used one of my grandmother's recipes for a photography thing the other day (see pie recipe picture).  I thought I'd stick with the same theme for the still life assignment.

Speaking of photography, my mother crossed over to the dark side.  She got a Nikon.  We might not be able to share lenses but I'll have a new partner for a photo walk and guess what.  She's the one that suggested we go on a photography outing.  I told her I'd think of places.  I started thinking of all the wildlife areas around here and suddenly the zoo popped in my head.  That might be a good one.  Speaking of animals, it sounds like one of the cats is trying to eat my Christmas tree (yes, it's up).  I better go stop a possible situation.

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