the tree is

up, garland is on the mantle, a turkey is in the refrigerator and I'm ready to finish getting ready for the holidays.  I've never made a turkey and this will be my first time.  I've done some researching and I think I know what I'm going to do.  Today I'll probably make a side or two to pop in the refrigerator.  I've got 34 sticks of butter.  Tomorrow I'll probably make pecan pie squares and another couple of sides.  I'll probably pull out a few more decorations today, along with doing some dusting and floor cleaning.  I really need to get a lot done today which after a great sleep, should be fairly easy.  My one complaint is the trash pickup.  I hate that our trash day is on Monday and Thursday.  This means I won't have trash pickup again until Monday.  So I'm trying to put everything I can in recycling bags which gets picked up tomorrow.  I'm pretty sure I'll have to buy a new can by Saturday.  I don't have any related pictures to share so I'll just share these:

I don't know what the green spots are on the first two pictures.  Maybe they're green orbs.  Or maybe they're reflecting off something.  I've seen blue orbs float across the room here at home but I don't know what green would be.  I'm not even going to get started on this because I'm home alone.  If there were going to be orbs though, I'm surprised there wouldn't be any in the following picture.  I was between a church and a cemetery.
I've been wanting to get out and play with night/lights like this and with it getting dark at 6:00, it's easier on me with my 8:30 bedtime.

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