last night was a

lot of fun and I even have my voice today.  (Last time I couldn't talk for several days after.)  Anyway, it was so much fun.  It's great when we make the people scream.  The preteen boys aren't as much fun because they try to be all cool and talk to us when they pass.  For the most part, we got them.  Girls are the best, girls of all ages.  One group was great because I scared them and they ran then the next girl scared them and got in front of them.  They couldn't go anywhere because they didn't realize I had followed them (standing right behind them and in a not so friendly voice, hissing/commanding for them to go) and they were sandwiched in and screaming.  It was great.  It was times like that where it was so hard to keep from laughing but once they left, we broke down.  We posted that it was for ages 10 and up but some parents insisted on bringing their little kids through.  For people like me, it was easier because I could see better and knew when to tone it down a little...I said a little, but other people who where hidden had no idea what was coming.  We warned the parents when the kids looked too young that it might not be best for them but some insisted.  A few only made it part of the way while others might have gone home a little traumatized.  I still think the best scream I ever heard was from a few years ago when a girl was half through and screamed, "I THOUGHT THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A CHURCH!!!"  That, was good.

Here are a few pictures

Me, on the way to church.  The glasses kind of kill the whole look but I had to see to get there.

Me, set up in my spot, warning everyone that "EVIL AWAITS YOU".  Speaking of my spot, I brought an old rocking chair that belonged to my grandmother.  It was great because it has an eerie creak to it.  And no, I didn't always look like Alice Cooper, just this shot.

This is the jar of brain and rats I put together.

And here's the graveyard after we added the music but before the moss, fog and werewolf were added.

I have a few funny stories but I'll probably share those later.  This post is getting a little lengthy and I need to get some breakfast.

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