and just like

that, Thanksgiving came and went.  We did things a little differently this year.  We had company, in-laws and a brother-in-law.  I made plenty of food and even forgot to put one of the sides out (corn casserole).  I made my first turkey and it was very moist.  I pulled the neck out and was looking for the giblets but couldn't find any.  I went ahead and stuffed the bird with plenty of vegetables and seasoned it and stuck it in the oven.  Approximately 3.5 hours later, we had a juicy turkey. 

Here are the desserts.  I made pecan pie bars and baked frozen apple and pumpkin pies.  I hate pumpkin pie but Cosme eats it so there it was.  Guess which pie wasn't touched and got thrown away this morning?  If you said pumpkin, you are correct.

As everything was coming together and being pulled out of the oven, Strat waited patiently.

He was watching everything going on.

I think I was taking too long but he wasn't about to give up his seat.

Everything went well and Strat eventually gave up his seat.  When I was putting everything away and getting the last of the meat scraped off and put in a container, I found the giblets.  Uh oh.  They were neatly packed in a little plastic bag, wedged in a crevice somewhere.  Oh well, nobody knew and nobody complained.

Last night I ordered Chili's and went to pick it up.  I saw this sign and thought it needed to be shared.  I guess they got tired of being courteous, along with getting an order right.

Now I'm off to get busy on my Christmas lists.

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