before i totally drop

the topic of my tooth, I figured I needed to share what I used for my temporary filling.  I already told Mom and Lauren about it so I'm just going to put the info out there for the world to use, I mean since the dentist went on about how well it held up.  It's less than $6 at Walgreens.

Now, moving on to other matters.  Remember the photo challenge I was doing for a few months?  I'm still doing it I just haven't been posting it here.  Sometimes the pics make it to Facebook and sometimes they just end up on Instagram.  Either way, I've created an Instagram tab up above that links directly to any and all photos I've posted to Instagram.

Next up on today's agenda, after the usual chores of course, I bought a new memory card for my camera and I can't get it to work with my card reader.  When I had my last HP, I couldn't connect my camera directly to the laptop to get my images.  I had to change up my system, get a card reader and come up with new steps to accessing my images.  Now that system is messed up so I'm having to come up with a new system.  I hate that.  I liked the way I was doing it but I have to find something convenient and easy.

Today I'd also like to post a recipe or two to the recipe blog.  I'd be super stoked if I came across my grandmother's lemon cake recipe so I could not only post it but bake it too.  I'm not getting my hopes up.

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