i'd like to say that

yesterday ended on a stress free note but I'd be lying if I did.  Everything was fine.  We were exhausted, went out for dinner and we were going to come home and pass out.  I was going to wake up this morning, clean while I catch up on dvr and then go for a haircut.  It all changed when we got home and I went to floss my teeth.  A filling fell out.  I don't like going to the dentist.  The people are friendly and it doesn't hurt but it seems like it always turns into something major for me.  Toothache?  Ah, I need a root canal (and let's face it, I did bust into a fit of laughter during the jackhammer portion of that root canal).  I want to floss?  Ah, a filling falls out.  I realize there are far worse things I could be facing but the dentist is just one of those things I dread.  I wait for bad news.  I stress over it.  I make myself sick.  You know those times when you stop and think "wow, everything's great right now" and then you all of a sudden remember it's not?  I had a dream the dentist looked at my tooth and said "oh, I don't see anything wrong.  It was just an old filling and you don't even need it anymore."  Then I woke up and had that moment.  Anyway, the office opens at 7:30 so my plan is to be dressed and ready to go by then.  I'll call and they'll tell me to come on in.  I'll stop for gas, giving me just enough time to miss traffic.  I'll get there, they'll look at it and say "Ah, an easy fix!  And you know what, Melanie?  It's about time.  You deserve it."  Then I'll ride off on my magical unicorn...

Speaking of unicorns and happy endings, here's a picture from yesterday.  It looks like I had a nasty lens or sensor but it was rain drops.
Now it's off to start my day by doing the litter box.  It can only go uphill from here, right?

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