i'm home alone because

everyone else is hunting.  I'm not crazy about being home alone.  I'm scared of the dark, scared of noises, I have a crazy imagination and I had nightmares all night.  I did watch a chick flick, extremely bad chick tv last night and I've had the tv on HGTV and Food Network all morning.  Actually, I had the ironing board set up in front of the tv.  You wouldn't believe how much better the tv makes ironing.  Oh, I also dyed a shirt I'd been planning on dying for about a year.  (It's amazing how a bottle of brown dye can bring a white shirt with motor oil on it back to life.  Today's just full of revelations.)  But we'll see how it turns out.  I didn't leave it in very long and what looked like a maroon has gone through the washing machine and is now a camel color.  So as I sit here waiting for my shirt to dry and have a frozen dinner with a glass of iced tea, I thought I'd share a few things.

First of all, I had to hit pause on my chick flick to get a drink.  I caught Emily Blunt in a not-so-attractive moment.

Next up, a screen shot of advice on wrapping Christmas presents.  "Wrap Gifts to Match Your Decor".  I want to visit whoever has decor that involves a disco ball.  Actually, I want to go to one of their parties.

Speaking of dancing and having fun, somebody's got priorities.

This next screen shot is something I had to do.  There was a video I was trying to find to share.  What it came down to was a guy dancing to "You Sexy Thing" by Hot Chocolate.  He was stripping down but when he got to his white underwear, the girl screamed because of a mess in the back.  I had to find the video to share so I did a search.  If somebody didn't know what I was looking for, these keywords might seem weird.  Yes, it does seem weird to want to search for that video but imagine if you didn't know the story and only saw this.
 I'll spare you the video but just in case you're curious, those keywords will get you there.

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