our cats are indoor

cats.  Lucille could go outside but long story short, she's an indoor cat.  Yesterday, when I was waiting for the patio to start, I went out to clean out my shed.  It's chilly and it's a shed and that tells me one thing.  There are probably a few snakes hidden in there.  I thought I would feel a little better if I had a snake killer with me.  That's where Lucille enters the pictures.  I don't have a leash so I went and got some ribbon.  (Can I just say this moment is SO Melanie and Lucille.)  I picked my ribbon with wine bottles because I've had it for a few years and have never touched it.  I tied it to her collar and picked her up.

I held her at first because she gets scared easily.  I don't really think she was liking it.  It was windy and chilly.  I decided to put her down in the grass and let her check it out.

She was biting at it and meowing.  (It looks like I'm pulling at her, judging by the awkward position of her head, but I wasn't.

I picked her up and brought her back inside where we both stayed for the rest of the day and forgot about the shed.  It didn't take Lucille long to find her happy place.

ps - They still haven't made it over to start on the patio.  If everything goes as planned, they'll be by this afternoon to see exactly where and how I want it so they can start digging in the morning. 

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