the photo challenge

yesterday was "key".  It just so happened that I had a package delivered.

Today's challenge is "your name".  Done.

I baked a strawberry cake yesterday.  I found the recipe on Pinterest for Strawberry Sheet Cake but this instructed me to make it in a 9x13 pan and not a sheet pan.  I have a feeling I would have liked it better in a sheet pan.  It's made with fresh, smashed, sweetened strawberries and could probably stand to have a few more in it.  I also don't understand why they had to be sweetened.  So next time I'll make a few changes.

Cutting up all those strawberries had me in the mood for more produce.  I had vegetables in the refrigerator that were on their last days so I pulled those out and lit up the grill.  We had tomatoes covered with parmesan cheese, mushrooms and red peppers.  Once those were almost done, I did some rearranging and put a few filets down.  It is officially grilling season in this house.
And look how green that grass is.  I used weed & feed last month and I think it might have helped.  All I need now is a hammock... and a trip to the grocery store for more meats and vegetables.

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