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spring break... and apparently, a blog break.  We flew home from Fort Lauderdale a week ago today.  At this time last week we were checking out of Lago Mar and headed to the airport.  We got to the airport just after 7:00 to catch our 8:39 flight to Houston and almost didn't make it.  Remember that whole story I talked about out of Intercontinental the Saturday before spring break?  That's about what it came down to on our way home.  I don't know what United's problem is.  They were very nice about it all though.  They were keeping up with the flights and the people in the long line.  As our flight time was getting closer, they pulled all the Houston bound people out and rushed us through.  We got home and since then it's been cleaning, visiting, Pampered Chef and daily errands.  I almost posted yesterday but just didn't have the time to catch up.

I don't have many more pictures of vacation without repeating myself.  I will catch up on the photo challenges, minus a day or two.

Day 16 - sunglasses.  I didn't need them on the plane.  Our window was one of those in a jacked up position where it's towards the back of the seat.  You know, where really only the person in the window seat can look out and the aisle person starts to feel extremely claustrophobic?  I speak from experience.

Day 17 - green.  Even though it was St. Patrick's Day, all I have is a bin of peppers.  I had grocery shopping to do, I was in the produce department and those were green.  Done.

Day 18 - a corner of your home.  This is self explanatory.  This is a corner and it's in my home.

Day 19 - funny.  Sorry, no picture but something funny happened.  We were all sitting around that evening.  I was on one chair, Mom was on the couch, Eric was on his computer, Strat was stretched out on another chair and Cosme was coming to sit down.  Cosme reached his hand out and told Strat to get up.  Strat meowed and swatted at Cosme's hand as if to say, "I was here first, go find another spot!"  This continued several times, none of which were caught with a camera.

Day 20 - before/after.  We had severe weather on Tuesday.  The first picture is early morning, before it all hit and the second is later that afternoon after it had all passed.

Day 21 - delicious.  Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla.  Need I say more?

Day 22 - kitchen sink.  Yes, that's what it is.  Not exciting but that's the challenge and there it is.

Today's word is moon.  It's really foggy out and I can't see anything in the sky.  Let's hope I figure something out.  No worries, I will not moon the camera.

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Lauren said...

Surprised you didn't take a picture of New Moon...