okay, i've showered

and had dinner and am propped up in bed all ready to catch up on my photo challenge.  Here goes.

First thing's first.  I missed a day.  After "red" came "loud" but I was too busy getting things together for our trip and just didn't get it done.  Moving on.

Next came "someone you talked to today".

Other than the obvious, I talked to the lady at Whataburger.

Then it was "fork".

The only fork I used yesterday was at dinner.  We went to Franco & Vinny's.  If you're ever in Fort Lauderdale, come here.  It's delicious.

Today's inspiration was "a sign".

There are quite a few signs here but I liked this one.  Soiled towels.  I'd just spent two and a half hours lying on the beach so maybe I had too much sun but this sign made me laugh and cringe.

Now that the photo challenge is up to date, I should probably start thinking about catching up on spring break pictures...

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