once again

I don't have today's pic but I will post two to catch up with.

Thursday's word was window.  I go up to the church on Thursdays so I took a picture of these windows.

Yesterday's word was red.  My second stop of the day was Target, where there is an endless supply of red.  The challenge was complete before I walked in the door.

I'm doing housework today... housework and packing.  We leave on Monday for a spring break trip.  Spring break trips aren't something we do all the time but this is senior year so we're "celebrating" spring break.  Since we're doing the whole spring break thing, we might as well make it Fort Lauderdale, right?  I'm excited about going but I'm not excited about getting there.  I'm the only one in this house that prefers road trips.  Not only do I hate being in a plane but I love to see things along the way.  What sucks is our plane doesn't leave until 11:00 Monday morning.  There are three things I absolutely CANNOT do before flying.  I can't eat anything the whole morning of, I can't drink anything the whole morning of (unless it's water to swallow a pill of some sort) and I can't concentrate on anything else but the plane I'm about to be on.  I will have nerve tonic in my purse, melatonin and probably Dramamine.  The other one of us who prefers flying, but hates to fly, will have had a few drinks.  I told him that's too early to drink but he assures me he won't be sloppy drunk.  Look at me.  Just writing about it is getting me all sorts of worked up.  My stomach is a jumbled mess of nerves right now.  That's it.  I can't talk about it anymore.  The next time I write about it will be once I'm there and/or Facebook posts.

I guess I really should get back to housework.  Oh, don't worry about Strat and Lucille.  Mom's coming down and will be their caretaker for the week.  Oops, guess I need to add a trip to Petsmart to that to do list.  I'm sure she'd appreciate me leaving them with no food.  Although, it would probably bring back fond memories of me sending Eric up for the summer with nothing to wear.  (I swear, it was never intentional.)

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