it's a late post today but

what do you expect when the inspiration is 5:00 pm?

Most people aren't getting ready this late in the day but I am.  No, I'm not just getting ready.  I'm getting ready again.  Since Cosme is working late, we're meeting him for dinner in Pearland.

I went to Brazoria today and stopped at their grocery store.  If anyone is unfamiliar with the grocery store in Brazoria, it's not a major store.  It's a family owned grocery store where the selection isn't as big as a store like Kroger and the prices aren't as cheap as a store like Walmart.  It's a small town grocery store.  Anyway, they do have a bakery but they also have a few prepackaged baked goods.  I bought these cupcakes today and they were awesome.  It's taking everything in me to not eat another one.

If you see these anywhere, buy them.  If you don't like them, just give them to me and I'll eat every last one.

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