now for a little

spring break catch up.

The local news reported on Saturday night what a nightmare it was for United customers on Saturday at Bush Intercontinental Airport.  Flights were delayed and canceled and it was chaos.  Blame was being put on the weather in addition to the spring break crowds but all the customers were certain it was because of the merger.  Whatever the problem was, it just added to my worries.  So, Monday morning, I had a little extra help to calm my nerves.

I was calm-ish by the time we left the house but by the time we got to the airport my hands were totally clammy.  The lines were pretty long but thank goodness we gave ourselves plenty of time.  It was a little over 30 minutes to get through security and only 15 minutes or so until boarding time.  Of course Cosme and Eric disappeared so Cosme could find a bar.  They made it back just as they called our group to board.  We got in our seats and waited for take-off.  Cosme was all smiles thanks to three beers and a shot of tequila.

I was thankful this flight was only 2 hours but each seat having DirectTV really helped keep my mind off what was going on.  Between House Hunters and Food Network, my mind was preoccupied.  (I realize that this isn't House Hunters or Food Network but I took the picture before I found the station.  Obviously, I was too wrapped up in the shows to take pictures after that.)

We landed, picked up our rental car and headed to the hotel.  As soon as we checked in we unloaded and went down to the beach.

After a little time on the beach and at the pool, we decided to hit up Franco & Vinny's for dinner.  The food was great.  Between the four of us, we had a Caesar salad, house salad, pepperoni pizza, shrimp scampi, cheesecake, key lime pie and cannoli.

Tuesday morning I went down to take a few pics.  In addition to the two I posted yesterday, I got this one which was from the 2nd floor balcony adjacent to our room.  Our patio is the one just to the left.

 After my little stroll it was beach and pool time.

After 2.5 hours at the beach, we showered up and went for dinner.  This morning was a repeat of yesterday.  I went down for a few morning pics.  This is the chessboard down by the pool and miniature golf.

These are the hammocks that are found on the path to the beach.

This is a seagull that started to invade my space on the beach.

And finally, I'm posting the photo challenge for the day.  The word was clouds.

After driving into town for a few things this morning, we came back to the room to change for the beach again.  Once again, we spent a few hours out there and then came in to get showered up for another trip to Franco & Vinny's.  I think we have a Fort Lauderdale favorite.  By the way, there are Italian restaurants and pizza places all over the place down here.  I don't know why Domino's, Pizza Hut and Papa John's bothered coming to town.  Franco & Vinny's alone puts all of those to shame.

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