today is a day for the

dogs.  A fb memory came up today that was a picture of Archer.  I thought it was cute and looked out the window to see what the dogs were up to.

Once again, Maggie was standing over Archer.

Clearly, I grabbed my camera and caught it through the window.  After that I put on old clothes and went outside.

It is SO hard to get a picture of Archer.  If he's not barking at me as soon as the camera goes in front of my face, he's trying to jump on me.

I decided to try something different.  I shot from the hip.  The bad thing about that is that sometimes his face isn't in focus

and then sometimes his face will be focused but there's a grill in the way.

 Sometimes I can hurry and sneak a picture when he walks away.

But then it's not long before he opens his mouth... again.  This dog ALWAYS has his mouth open.

Oh, then there are also the times when I just keep clicking, hoping for a closed mouth, and I get closed eyes as well.

 Maggie's a different story.  Sure, she will get excited but she takes to the camera better.  She will actually stand still sometimes.

And sometimes she might give me a head tilt.

And sometimes she'll sit for a different look.

And sometimes she'll look off for a more dramatic moment.

And then Archer will come and think he's helping by cleaning her face.

And then Archer will clean his own face.

And then I'll wait for them to be still and try to get them together but Maggie will shut her eyes.

And then they'll turn their heads away from me.

And then I'll sneak another one from the hip after Archer gets in a new position and it'll be a poor composition, leaving his paws and tail out of the frame.

And then I'll sneak one with the camera at my eye but with his mouth open. 

That's just the way it is with the dogs. 

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