i think i'll tune out

everything related to politics until at least after Tuesday.  I dread Tuesday.  No matter who wins the election, it'll be ugly.  It'll be ugly on social media, it'll be ugly on the news, it'll be ugly in real life.

So instead of focusing on the ugly things, let's focus on the awesome things like the Dallas Cowboys and apple pie.  To make up for all the bitterness going on around this country, I made up for it yesterday and baked a good ol' American apple pie while watching America's team beat the mess out of Cleveland.

Oh, I had to take Strat back to the vet for another urine test on Friday.  They should call back with those results this morning.  He's on pills until those results come in, and still quarantined to the "cat" room.  If the results come back still showing infection, add a trip to the pet pharmacy to today's to-do list.  The vet also asked that the next time I bring him in to drop him off in his crate (I normally only take it afterwards to bring him home) so they can sedate him.  I guess he is giving them a hard time.  When I picked him up he was growling.  He calmed down once I stuck my fingers in there to let him sniff and rub.

Cosme also let the dogs come in to run around on Saturday.  Guess where they headed.  Really now, guess.

Needless to say, the sheets had to be washed before bedtime.

In the middle of all the animal craziness and me trying not to get sick, I've got a stack of Christmas presents waiting for a tree.  I normally would've had it up but there's been so much other stuff going on.

Now I've got to go get ready and possibly squeeze in a trip to the store before the flooring guy comes to measure at 10:00.  On the bright side, after yesterday's time change, I woke up ahead of the alarm this morning and felt like I was totally caught up on sleep.

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