i have so much

to do.  I really do.  The last week or so has been crazy.  No.  It's been a crazy week on steroids.  Talking about it wears me out.  Typing about it wears me out.  Thinking about it wears me out.  I'll just keep it simple.

Carpet, down.
Honda, in the shop.
Thanksgiving, done.
Pictures, some taken and being edited with more scheduled.
Sinus and allergies, going full speed.

I will say this.  It's chilly and I have meds for sinus/allergy crap.  This means I suddenly think I'll eat soup and drink tea.  I picked up a can of soup at Kroger, along with some of the Kraft macaroni and cheese single serve bowls.  I decided to have mac and cheese for breakfast.

This stuff sucks.  I added butter and even it didn't help.  I don't think I've ever had to stop and not finish a serving of macaroni and cheese.  Looks like I'll try the soup.  On the plus side, I picked up a box of peanut brittle at Tractor Supply and it's okay (considering I'm trying to eat it with my front teeth, avoiding any crowns).

I'm going to take a Benadryl and go through pics before it knocks me out.

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