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election night.  I didn't plan on watching but Cosme did and when I tried to put my headphones on to ignore whatever story the media wanted us to hear, a map would flash up on the screen so I'd get distracted and see what was going on.  We stayed up until about 11:30 or so... I think.  I left my ringer turned on but down last night.  My phone dinged with a text message at 2:00 from Eric with a screen shot of the election results, then we started texting.  I woke Cosme up to show him the picture and then he turned the tv on.  We fell back asleep for a few more hours and I'll be feeling it shortly.  Cosme already is.

I could go on about how bitter and ugly some people are being on fb but duh... that's obvious and was expected.  Instead, I'm going to talk about the 10 pound bag of potatoes I bought on sale.  It was about $1.50 so I had to get it.  I have no idea how two people can eat 10 pounds of potatoes before they go bad but I'm doing what I can here.

First up is potato soup.  I normally make a half batch of the recipe, using only 2-3 pounds but today I'm making the full 5 pound pot.  Maybe I can freeze some.  Maybe Eric will take some.  Maybe I won't be burned out on potatoes before I have to use the next 5 pounds.  I bought pork chops that I'll probably make tomorrow and I think we'll have baked potatoes with those.  I think I might bake a few more to fry up in bacon grease one morning.  Now to figure out what to do with the remaining three pounds. 

I've also been thinking about photography stuff.  More specifically, I've been thinking about subjects.  I started this thing doing assignments and the first was to take 15-20 pictures of something you love.  Well, nobody ever lets me take their pictures around here and I'm always using the animals but I wanted to think beyond that.  Then I had an idea.  What if it is actually some thing and not a person.  I started thinking and came up with something I really like.  I'm keeping my mouth shut for now, or at least until I know for sure that this might be a thing for me.  If it's something I stick with, I'll have pics here.  If it's something that isn't working for me, I'll probably talk about why and show examples here.  For right now though, I think I might take the first step and call someone who's offered to let me come photograph some stuff on their property.  That's a hint right there.  I haven't talked about it on here but I have in person.  Oh wow.  I'm really excited now.

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