has it been a week

yet?  No?  Okay, I'll find a spot to hide and cry.  Not really.  I only cried once and hopefully any and all meltdowns are done.  Really though, it could get ugly today.  Everyone knows how well I handle disorder.  I get frustrated, meltdown and cry.  Today's carpet day.  That means all the furniture from two bedrooms will be in the living room and entry way.  I'm hoping to keep it out of the kitchen because seriously y'all, I need a hiding place.  I need a place to pretend that everything is in order.  My plan is to stay in the kitchen today and work on Thanksgiving sides.  I really hope it all goes as planned.  Have I reminded you that Thanksgiving is in TWO days.  You should see this house.  On top of the work, I've been busy with other things.

There was a Capture Crawl on Saturday but I'll share those pics later, when I have more time... like actually have time to be sitting here.  After the CC I did some senior pictures.  We've all heard about the golden hour?

This light.  Right here.  I had to show the back of camera images right then because the light looked it was straight out of Photoshop.  I'm only showing a part of the picture here because I feel like I should show her first, right?

And by the time we left, this was the sky.  Look at it.  Seriously.  Look. At. It.

Now for a few other details from the past few days:

I wasted my money on something to paint edges.  I opted for the brush and a steady-ish hand. My brush job might not be perfect but it looks a heck of a lot better than this.

It got really cold one night.

Then it was back to flip flops the next day.

We finished painting yesterday.  I took a shower and plopped on the bed that is in the middle of the room... after I saw a few patches on the wall needing touch ups.

ps- I hate finding patches.

And one more thing as for painting goes.  I didn't try to protect the carpet at all.  Do you know that I've made bigger messes when trying to keep it covered?  I swear.  I guess that's how things work though.

Now I'm off to unload a bookcase and strip bedding off the mattresses.  I guess I'll do laundry too.

As you go through your day today, think of me.  Send good vibes, positive energy, prayers or whatever it is you do.  I need it all today.  Also, I'd really appreciate it if you could do it for the next few days as I recover and prep for Thanksgiving.

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