there is a lot

of work to be done before Monday.  I need to get all the little things boxed up and out of the bedrooms.  I need to pull all the furniture away from the walls.  I need to get busy with the painting.  We did finally find a color though.  That was so hard.  Really hard.  We went from gray to blue, back to gray to brown and then ended up somewhere I don't really know where.  We ended up with Shale, I guess that's where we ended up.  It shouldn't be so hard to pick out paint colors.  Here were the final few but it's not even accurate because look at the color of the piece of carpet in each.

Note: while the samples are all satin finish, the finished product will be flat.

Shale is the one on the right.  I think.  Maybe.  If not, it's similar.  And yes, the left and the right are two separate colors.  Maybe that's why this was so hard.  It's all too much alike to have a definite opinion.

I finally got around to baking those cookies yesterday.  They are good but have a weird texture.  They're not dry but they're crumbly.  It's hard to explain or maybe it's hard to understand.  Anyway, they're different than usual but still good.  I looked the recipe up online this morning to see if I did something wrong.  You know, I probably should have done that when the blurry print on the package looked like 1/4 c of brown sugar and 1/4 c of granulated sugar and I doubted that being enough sugar.  I was in a hurry so I didn't check then and just went with it.  As it turns out, that 1/4 c of each is actually 3/4 c of each.  Now I have a batch of chocolate chip cookies with 1/3 of the sugar.  Maybe that's a win?

I was out watering the grass yesterday and had a visitor.

Yuck.  Since he was so tiny and no threat of touching me, I let him go on his merry way.

Speaking of visitors, I had guests for breakfast.  I was looking through pictures on my phone this morning and couldn't remember if I'd shared this one of the dogs.  It was early one morning and I walked around the corner to find them like this.  They snuggle in their cage all the time but the way Archer had his arm around Maggie had to be one of the sweetest things EVER.

I couldn't stand looking back on all the sweetness so after Cosme ate and left, I threw the pan back on the stove and made bacon and eggs for the dogs.

They enjoyed it.

Oh, and why no pictures of the cats lately?  Because Strat is still having issues and they're still in their area of the house.  I'm calling the vet again today to schedule another check.  I'm sure everything is going to come back normal (like last time) so if it's not a behavioral issue, they'll need to look deeper into this investigation.

On a less frustrating note, you know those "buy 10" and get the sale price events I've talked about at Kroger.  They did it again but guess what was one of the items this time.  BUTTER.  I didn't only buy butter but let's just say I should be set for the holidays... hopefully.  I mean look at this receipt.

By the way, I think it was a total of 32 sticks.  I should be good.

I guess I'll go start clearing out the little things from my bedroom now.  I really need a tub or couple of boxes.  I guess I could head to Walmart once the sun comes up but for now I'll pull everything out and leave it in my way.  I figure that way it'll annoy me and I'll be more motivated to get it done.  Crap, I just realized the sun is already up.

Wish me luck.

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