today is the beginning

of a weekend full of work.  I'm not happy about it but hopefully I'll be happy about it on Wednesday.  They're coming to put the new carpet in on Tuesday so I'm hoping things will be back to normal on Wednesday.  Wait, since I'll be cooking for Thanksgiving and trying to get the tree up, I guess things won't be back to normal until Friday.  Then again, if I don't get the tree up on Wednesday, I'll have to do it on Friday.  Let's just play it safe and say that hopefully I'll be happy about it a week from today, hoping for sooner.  I think that covers it all.

For now let's not think about paint.  Let's think about butterflies.

There was an orange one I tried to get one day (with my camera, not a net) while it was hanging out on the bougainvillea but he left in a hurry.  I managed to get a yellow one the other day.  While it might not be as vibrant as the orange, it was willing to chill for a while so I could get pictures of it.

I felt like I was spying.

Then his friend came to chill too.

Then I went inside to chill.

Now I'm going to chill on my way to Lowe's. 

This weekend's theme: TCB (insert lightning bolt here)

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