yesterday evening i was sitting

on my bed and looking at my iPad when I stopped and noticed the sun going down along with the sounds coming from the trees. 

What I love most about that time of day is the sound.  I'm sure I've talked about it before but it's fresh on my mind because I was chilling and listening to it yesterday... so I'm talking about it again.  That's how much I like that sound.  I guess it's cicadas but I always thought it was locusts.  I don't know but I think everybody knows that sound.  I really like it a lot.  It's relaxing and it reminds me of summertime.  More specifically, it reminds me of having been outside playing most of the day but that it's almost time to come in and get a bath.  Not that being time to quit playing and to come in and get cleaned up was anything I ever liked, but the noise is just one I've always liked.  Maybe now that I don't have to come in at any particular time to get cleaned up, I should get a cold drink and go sit outside when it starts up in the evenings.  (Not that it doesn't happen during the day but that's different.  When it happens during the day, that tells me it's really hot outside and I need to chill inside.)

For now I won't chill inside.  I'll go check the grill to see if it's ready.  I mean who doesn't like to grill at 3:45 in the afternoon... out in the sun... in the Texas heat?  Wow.  After typing that and letting it sink in a minute, I might say "screw it" to the noises and reconsider how much I appreciate getting cleaned up and chilling inside.

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