when you have a couple

of blocks of cream cheese that need to be used, the best thing to do is hurry and make a cheesecake.

So I did.

Also, check out my profile pic on the right up there.  Cosme took that a few weeks ago.  I decided to change out the old one since my hair's a little different now.

Social media is getting on my nerves... again.  I'm friends with way too many overly opinionated people with views different from mine.  That's fine not to agree with me but do as I do and don't keep shoving it in my face.  Another thing has been all this flooding going on.  First it was the abandoned dogs that need homes.  FB has turned into one of those commercials where they play Sarah McLaughlin, show the sad pics and ask for money.  Now people are warning others about all the snakes that are out.  You can only guess what's going on there... "I killed this today when it was sneaking up on my kids" (insert pic of dead snake) and then all the snake lives matter type of stuff starts.  It's all too much.  Way too much.  People are exhausting.

Maybe I need to focus on what I started with my creative unblock... or find something else to bake.

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